Spiritual uses of real Rose of Jericho

Four 4 real Roses of Jericho

Despite its name, the real Rose of Jericho is not a rose at all, it is a small green plant, usually sold as a dry, compact ball. When absorbed in the water, it opens its leaves, unlike the fake Rose of Jericho which looks like a dry ball and when you put it into the water its feathery and fern-like leaves open and turn green. If it dries, it returns to its dry state as a ball.

The real Rose of Jericho can die and be reborn, so it is also called the “resurrection plant”. This ability is also the source of her powerful spiritual and magical qualities. It is a must-have plant for trainers in India, Centria, Aspiritismo, Bruges and other routes. In the Centria and Yoruba traditions, it is sometimes considered sacred to the Orangi Shanji.

Real Rose of Jericho

After buying the Jericho Rose plant, put it in a bowl of water and “wake it up” again. If you are planning to use it for spiritual purposes, there is a special way to do it. Put it in a bowl large enough and put the plant in your bowl, then dry to it, hold the dry plant in your hands. When you do this, you will feel the energy of the plant. You can meditate, say prayers, imagine the room filled with the light of muse, and you will feel how much light this holy plant will bring into your life.

The water used to revive the Jericho Rose is most often used to increase wealth. The water can be sprinkled in the corners of the house, in the courtyard on counters, on tables or cash registers in the business to bring prosperity and blessing to the business You can also wash the floor with the water at home or in the business, it will cause good luck and prosperity.

Many hold the Jericho Rose in the water at their front door, they add some coins to the water. This water is used to wash the front door to help the money flow easily into your house.

Real Rose of Jericho for protection

Because it is a sacred plant, the real Rose of Jericho can also be used for protection. Wash all your mascots or medals. Next, dip your fingers in the water, and draw a cross on the back of your front door to keep the evil away. Water can also be used as holy water, or as a basis for spiritual water production.

Removing the bad eye with a lily with the real Rose of Jericho

If you feel that someone is jealous of you or the evil eye, the water of the Jericho rose can remove jealousy or the evil eye. On Tuesday or Friday morning, place the real Rose of Jericho plant in a bowl of water in front of the window sill and place a candle next to it, on the third day, the water should be sprinkled at home, or in the yard, while doing so, ask to remove the evil eye from you.

real Rose of Jericho and Good luck

There is a ritual performed when the moon is shining from the east, take a candle of real Rose of Jericho Rose water, and a moon rose oil, hold the candle in your hands, and imagine that it is filled with energy of luck and prosperity. If you have specific things you need, it’s time to ask, then rinse the candle with Jericho rose and dry the candle and then smear the real Rose of Jericho oil on it. Once a day, the candle lit quietly and prayed and made requests to repeat the process every day for seven days. The water of the real Rose of Jericho is full of strong spiritual energy. Use the real Rose of Jericho water to prosper, keep away evil and jealousy and protect you from misfortune

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